Google Analytics Connector

Google Analytics Connector 1.0

Facilitates the exportation or extraction of Google Analytics data to Excel
1.0 (See all)
SynergeTech Solutions, Inc

The Google Analytics Connector is a simple Windows application that facilitates the exportation or extraction of your Google Analytics data to Microsoft Excel or many other applications.
Anyone who has had the unpleasant task of copying and pasting pages of data from Google Analytics to Microsoft Excel will be thrilled when they discover how quickly this tool can achieve the same results. Google Analytics Connector can be used to export any data from Google Analytics: visitor details (city, hostname, browser, ect), visit details (pageviews, visit duration, unique visitors, ect), campaign data (keyword, adwords data, ect), ecommerce (transactions, revenue, ect), and more; any data that Google Analytics is tracking for your website can be exported. You can even combine different data elements in order to create reports that are not offered in Google Analytics. The exported data can be saved as a CSV (comma seperated values).

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7. A free Google Analytics account will be needed to use application features.

Main features:
-Export any data from Google Analytics!
-There is no limit to how much data you query at a time!
-Easily filter the data with multiple dimension/metric criteria.
-Supports accounts with any number of profiles associated!
-No programming or advanced computer skill required! Completely straightforward and simple!
-Save your data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis!
-Save your queries for quick and easy running in the future!
-Uses the Google Analytics Data Export API for quick and reliable exportation!

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